Episode 1 – Talk in The Woods – Introduction

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Welcome to the Talk in the Woods, a project of the North American Forest Partnership (NAFP). Through this podcast we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know the who, the what, the why, and the how behind the work of the forest sector and the broader community involved in managing and protecting North America’s forests.

Hosted by Will Novy-Hildesley, Executive Director of the North American Forest Partnership, Talk in the Woods brings you conversations with experts, innovators, leaders, authors, and people who are simply passionate about our forests and their future.

In those conversations we’ll explore the many ways in which forests make our lives better. We’ll learn together how different forests are managed for different outcomes. And we’ll step inside the lives of the diverse people engaged with and working in forests across North America. This is the community we support – a community committed to innovative, responsible stewardship – and to keeping forests as forests.

We encourage you to reach out with your comments, to ask your questions, and suggest future podcast guests through the Walk in the Woods site.